colored cloth

The Power and Influence of Color

Famous fashion designers have long known the power of color and its influence on our moods, and each of us has had the experience of feeling great when wearing a certain color.

It turns out that color choices are not accidental, and have a great deal of influence over our mood and behavior.  Most of us have a favorite color and find ourselves wearing clothes in that color more often than others.  The color and tone of our choice in clothing has an overall effect on our state of mind and feelings, and says a lot about our personality.

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Read on to find out what different colors mean and how they affect the way you feel and are perceived by others.


red lipstickRED

Red is the warmest color of all and the color of passion and power. It is often linked to love and romance, and those wearing bright red create an exciting visual focus.

This vibrant color can give those wearing it a feeling of energy, movement and excitement.  However, don’t be afraid to add red to your wardrobe.  Wear red with ease, its vast range of hues make it extremely flexible – choose darker tones for an elegant look, and lighter tones to create a bright and cheerful look.


orange roseORANGE

Orange is another warm color and this vibrant, fun color is known as stimulating and energetic. Orange can also be associated with the earth and when combined with black and yellow, gives us that instant feeling of the fall.

Wear orange with confidence to create a happy, cheerful feeling in yourself and those around you. Still striking in its appearance, and less intense than red, orange creates an instant feeling of optimism. It teams well with most dark colors too!


girl in green dressGREEN

Green is one of the cool colors often associated with nature. This link to nature sometimes gives those wearing green a feeling of peace and contentment.

Green communicates hope, vigor and life, so wear green all year long, its versatility means it can be worn in lighter or darker shades throughout the seasons. Darker shades of green create a feeling of calm, while lighter shades promote energy.  Green harmonizes with many colors, like leaves on flowering plants.


blue jeans and stilettosBLUE

Who can go wrong with blue? This primary color in the cool color range is often associated with stability, confidence and reliability. Whether blue is chosen for a conservative business suit, a uniform or a casual outfit, blue always sends out a positive message of peace and tranquility.

Look poised and chic in dark or light blue while demonstrating to others you are someone who is calm, intelligent and trustworthy.


purple sunglassesPURPLE

Purple is associated with royalty and luxury, and also spirituality and creativity.

From deep violet to pale lavender, those who wear purple are often creative, passionate and sensitive. Team purple with black for an elegant, sophisticated look, or choose mauve or lavender for a soft, romantic feeling.  Add luxurious purple to your wardrobe to create an air of intrigue and mystery.


girl in black dressBLACK

Never out of fashion, black is elegant, timeless and a color that is sure to be taken seriously. Those who choose black are seen as intelligent, powerful and ambitious, yet black also conveys an air of sensitivity.

Wearing black adds versatility to an outfit, and raises or lowers the temperature of the colors you wear with it. Choose black for a conservative business suit or a daring evening dress, and you will always make a lasting impression.


brown fabricBROWN

Brown is associated with the earth, wood and stone and is seen as confident, strong and reliable.  Those who wear brown are peace-loving and perceived as a stable influence on those around them.

Wear brown in varying shades from warm terra cottas that have hues of reds and yellows, to cooler shades with serene cream undertones. Team brown with reds and oranges for more dramatic effect.


girl in white outfitWHITE

White is a neutral color which, like black, goes well with anything. It is elegant, adds simplicity to any look and is a symbol in the west of purity and innocence.

While white is not everyone’s choice for a complete outfit, adding a touch of white to your wardrobe can make you feel optimistic, organized and ready for a new beginning. White is perfect for any season – a must for hot summer months, and a fun color for winter sweaters, teamed with jeans and boots.


woman in grey hatGRAY

Gray gives the wearer a whole range of shades to choose from without the absolute colors of black and white. Signifying balance and tranquility, choosing gray for your outfit conveys authority and maturity without attracting attention.

Gray works well in all seasons and coordinates with bright colors for an elegant and exciting look, and teaming gray with pastel shades such as pale pinks and blues will make you feel calm and relaxed all day!


pink umbrellaPINK

Pink combines the energies of red and white to create either a pale pink that is gentle and romantic, or a deep, vibrant pink that signifies a daring excitement. Pink has made a big comeback over the last few years and it looks like it’s here to stay.

Choose pale pink and soft blush shades for a feminine, romantic look. Colors like millennial pink radiate calm and kindness, while deep, bright pinks and magentas signify energy and excitement. Whether you choose pale or vibrant pink, it teams perfectly with black or neutral shades, and it will make you feel beautiful.


turquoise beadsTURQUOISE

Turquoise is a peaceful and calming color that generates feelings of balance and stability.

Choose turquoise to add an invigorating element to your wardrobe.  Believed to be the color of energy, wisdom and serenity, this color is thought to generate emotions of love, joy and tranquility. Wear lighter shades of aqua create a feminine look, and darker shades of turquoise, such as teal for elegant sophistication.  Turquoise jewelry is still a popular choice for a Bohemian look.


yellow patterned tiesYELLOW

Yellow is a happy color associated with the sun, light and laughter. Adding yellow to your wardrobe will lift your mood, and get you noticed.

This warm and lively color always popular in summer, is a hot trend for fall 2018.

Often worn by active and creative people, yellow will brighten your day and is a great color for a new adventure.  Teams perfectly with dark grays and blues.